Honda Civic is a legendary car and we are glad that this car is coming back to India after a gap of almost 7 years. The car that discontinued was the 8th generation of Honda Civic, and now it is coming in its 10th generation avatar. The 2019 Honda Civic launch date is 7th March 2019 and there are a couple of things that you should know. Though the market trend in India has leaned more towards SUVs and they have a huge market share compared to any other vehicle. The reason for this is the bad Indian road conditions and better road presence. Well, being a sedan, Honda Civic might be getting launched at a wrong time but will it be able to catch up its fans again? Let’s take a look at what all is there that could make you buy on.

Ground Clearance

Have you ever found yourself under dilemma while driving a Honda over roads with mighty speed breakers? 5 years back, one of the few things which used to matter a lot to any Honda sedan car buyer is the ground clearance. Last gen Honda Civic was a pain to drive on rough roads and speed breakers. But this is not the case with 2019 Honda Civic.


The ground clearance of the car is raised by 20 mm from the front and 15 mm from rear. Expect the total ground clearance to be close to 170 mm when it reaches the shores.

Honda has specially designed the Indian version of the all-new Civic to suit our roads and it’s not just about lifting up the cars, but the suspensions are also tuned to match up the entire performance. This addition to the car still makes it a lot more practical executive class car in the crowd of SUVs.

Diesel Engine

Another fact which put the last gen model down was the unavailability of a diesel engine. A petrol car with a 1.8-litre engine was not the economic choice of many people for daily or weekly commutes. Thanks to the new diesel engine, the car will be able to serve people with their needs. Also, the diesel engine, as per Honda Cars, is able to fetch out 26.8 kmpl which is a surprise to everyone. A great mileage from a great and iconic car, what all one need.

Safety Benchmark

Honda cars are among the safest cars in their segment. The earlier Civic also had a good list of safety features, but the 2019 Civic has taken the game to a new level.

All four wheels with disc brakes, six airbags, ABS, EBD, ESP, Hill launch assist, Lane mitigation system, and high tensile steel structure are among the few names which will be making a wall between you and your bad destiny.


Apart from that, Honda has also employed an electric power steering which gains the perfect weight while cruising on highways. This gives you immense confidence and you barely lose control over the car no matter what speed you are driving at.

CVT with Paddle Shifters in Petrol

2019 Honda Civic petrol variant will arrive with a CVT transmission with paddle shifters. Now, you may miss the manual transmission here, but the good thing is you can put the car in manual mode and ask her to drive on your commands.


Honda has an answer to this with the fact that this segment has more domination towards automatic petrol than the manual. The manual transmission, however, is present in diesel, so the choices are quite narrow but it’s a car that you’ll love driving be it any transmission.

3 Variants, None is Underequipped

The Honda Civic 2019 will arrive in 3 variants; V, VX and ZX. Even the base variant gets 16-inch alloy wheels in this car, yes, and that too machine finished. Honda completely understands the dignity of this muscular car and doesn’t want its customers to see any bad bit of it. The car is a great looker from outside be it any variant.


The top variant gets LED headlights while the lower two variants will have projector lights. Also, all the variants will get LED tail lights which looks fantastic while glowing. 

On the inside, the base variant gets a 5-inch display, while the upper two variants will get 7-inch touch screen infotainment system with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. The speedometer is not just a combination of dials and needles, rather it is completely a digital panel that displays each and everything in a sci-fi manner. Also, you’ll get notifications and directions on this panel itself making driving great things. The lane mitigation system is intelligent enough as well. This car has built-in cameras mounted on the wing mirrors which act as a blind spot mirror and telecasts the vehicle’s sides on central display.

The list hasn’t come to an end. Honda has made this car a lot more premium than before. We give it a thumbs up but if Honda Civic prices are kept under 16 to 21 Lakhs, it would be a great car to your money.

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